For My Cousins Who Will Choose Who They Are

FOR MY COUSINS WHO WILL CHOOSE WHO THEY ARE running home this evening I look for the san gabriels to find only a faint line above the haze a razor-black definition of home running and, before I can help it, my mind rushes in fills the rest with detail and reference so that I seeContinue reading “For My Cousins Who Will Choose Who They Are”

The Change Giver

THE CHANGE GIVER The Change-giver drops four pisos into my hand swivels hips sideways calls out the next stop Ortigaaaaaaaaaaaaaas one hand worrying the frayed edge of a trouser pocket switching back and forth coin against the railing one click means stop two clicks go sige dire-diretso hangang sa dulo The Change-giver paces the smallContinue reading “The Change Giver”