Di Achichùk: Poems and Images from Batanes

“A beautiful, moving example of the poetry of place.” Available now from Ateneo de Manila University Press, the Philippines. Early praise for the collection: “If culture is a form of survival, then Merina not only enriches Philippine poetry but also enables Ivatan culture to thrive in a language that his tillage has made hospitable.”  Continue reading “Di Achichùk: Poems and Images from Batanes”

A Deadly Quake Tests Batanes’ Tradition Of Resiliency

I WAS ON OUR FARM when the ground began to shake beneath me. I raised my arms to steady myself against the motion. From the rise, the forested hills seemed to sway around me. The narrow cement path I stood on was littered with brush I had just cleared. I was putting in a new irrigationContinue reading “A Deadly Quake Tests Batanes’ Tradition Of Resiliency”

Death is a Night Wind: How José Rizal’s immortal poem haunts the Philippines today

The Caravan Magazine, June 2018 | IN THE DAYS BEFORE HIS EXECUTION, a 35-year-old Filipino named José Rizal leaned over a wooden desk and wrote 14 stanzas in neat Castilian handwriting on a paper about the size of his palm. He folded the paper twice and tucked it inside a gas lamp. On his sisterContinue reading “Death is a Night Wind: How José Rizal’s immortal poem haunts the Philippines today”

After Asylum: ‘My New Country, Everything is Different’

For a year, I followed a family from El Salvador, whose teenage children made a dangerous journey north to reunite with a distant parent. “I was very afraid, not knowing if I should go forward or turn back. I thought a lot about my family – mostly about my grandmother who was still stuck backContinue reading “After Asylum: ‘My New Country, Everything is Different’”

Climate Change: A four-part series

We already see and feel the changes, in the sweat on our brow, the crops in our fields and the shoreline by our homes. Science is now filling in more of the picture of a rapidly changing world and demonstrating, with more evidence than ever before, that those changes are driven primarily by the burningContinue reading “Climate Change: A four-part series”

Deported veterans try to return to the country they fought for

A two-part audio and visual story exploring the fate of U.S. military veterans facing deportation. Aired on KPCC, WNYC’s The Takeaway, WBUR’s Here and Now, NPR’s American Homefront Project.”Not too many people are willing to put on a uniform and go fight, and it’s the reason we have these freedoms today is because of theseContinue reading “Deported veterans try to return to the country they fought for”

Inside the Adelanto detention facility: Troubled history, vows for reform

California’s largest privately-run immigrant detention facility – and a key holding site for immigrants from Southern California – recorded lapses in care during a four-year period when at least three detainees have died. A multi-part investigation featuring interviews with former detainees, families and enforcement agents. “It was scary, really scary,” said C. Hidalgo, a former detainee…Continue reading “Inside the Adelanto detention facility: Troubled history, vows for reform”